Best Car Alternatives

Have you ever sat in traffic, slowly inching by? Or have you discovered that cars account for 30% of carbon emissions in the US? Well, read on to find the best car alternatives you can get

Best Bike: Trek FX

The Trek FX is a great bike with a high quality aluminum frame. Many people consider it the best hybrid bike on the market. This bike has the comfort and durability of a mountain bike, and the speed of a road bike. The high quality disc brakes allow you to stop on a dime, and the Shimano gear shifters are reliable and quiet. With its price tag of $499, many people expect this bike to be cheap and fragile, but Trek has stayed true to their word and continues to deliver some of the best bikes on the market.

Best Electric Skateboard: Backfire G2

The Backfire G2 consistently has stellar reviews. With a price of $429, it is one of the cheapest boards on the market. Although the price is low, it has high quality parts and a battery that can fully charge in 3 hours. The board can go up to 24 miles per hour (39 kmh) and has a range of 11 miles. Additionally, the battery can be replaced for extra range or it runs out of life. This is one of the best options for city commuters, as it takes up the least space.

Best Electric Scooter: The Levy E-Scooter

The Levy Electric Scooter is one of the only e-scooters on the market which has a swappable battery. Each battery can get you a range of 10 miles. The scooter costs $499, and another battery can be bought for the price of $149. This flexibility allows you to carry many batteries to extend range, or charge a battery at your desk. This scooter has a top speed of 18 miles per hour. You can also buy a Plus version with more range and speed. Unfortunately, that upgrade costs an additional $200.

Best Budget E-Bike: Lectric XP

The Lectric XP is one of the best e-bikes on the market, while its price of $899 beats nearly everybody else’s. It has a removable lithium ion battery that gets a range of 45+ miles. This e-bike has a pedal assist and throttle option for all kinds of riders. The only downside is that it’s heavy, with a weight of 63 pounds. It does fold to be more space-efficient though. My perspective on e-bikes is to view them as a slightly more portable motorcycle that you can pedal. This means that it probably isn’t the best option for apartment dwellers. However for people with more room, this is a great option.

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