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3 Online Actions to Offset Your Impact

Many people have busy lives and feel like they are powerless to fight climate change. Although one of the most important climate actions we can do is demand change, there is no reason why we should not use sustainable alternatives when we can. Our digital age is quickly becoming the […]

What is Impact Investing?

There are many polluting power plants and operations funded by investors and funds. Billions of dollars are invested in harmful activities for investment purposes. Tons and tons of CO2 and toxins make their way from these operations into the atmosphere and ground, warming the climate and poisoning innocent people. According […]

How Sustainable Is Hunting?

This is a topic that draws extremely polarized opinions. Some people say that hunting is more ethical than cruel factory farms, because you can give the animal a swift, painless death. Meanwhile, others say that hunting is cutting down on an ever-dwindling animal population. Here in this article, I will […]

6 Electric Cars Coming in 2021

Introduction Electric vehicles are essential in decarbonizing our world. Transportation currently accounts for 29% of greenhouse gases emitted from the United States. Additionally, ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles emit pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulfur, and nitrous oxide. These pollutants are toxic and contribute to smog. Luckily, many car manufacturers […]

Best Car Alternatives

Have you ever sat in traffic, slowly inching by? Or have you discovered that cars account for 30% of carbon emissions in the US? Well, read on to find the best car alternatives you can get Best Bike: Trek FX The Trek FX is a great bike with a high […]

Easiest Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Introduction Do you want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Well, you’ve come to the right place. To find out which environmental actions are most cost-effective, we have to break down the greenhouse gas emissions per sector. According to CNBC’s interview with Bill Gates, making things, like cement, steel and […]

Saving Our Oceans

Our oceans and lakes are vital to us. Not only do they provide over 70% of the world’s oxygen, but they also provide food and resources to humans. They also act as a carbon sink, mitigating the effects of climate change. But our bodies of water are under attack. We […]

Understanding Climate Change

Climate change is the acceleration of a natural occurrence called the greenhouse effect. This greenhouse effect is caused when greenhouse gases (GHGs), mainly carbon dioxide, trap heat reflected from the Earth’s surface. Think of having a warm blanket on a cold night. Your body heat is trapped in the blanket, […]

The Transportation Issue

Introduction Transportation is one of the key instruments to human success. Previously, many months of productive time were wasted crossing the sea in inefficient vessels. Now, crossing the Atlantic Ocean takes less than 10 hours. Additionally, work can still be done whether you are writing an article offline or using […]

Population and Agriculture: A Crisis

Introduction The human population keeps on growing. People need food, and they get most of it from large scale farming of one crop, such as corn. However, large scale farming has a significant environmental toll. Farming large numbers of one type of plant depletes nutrients in the soil before it […]